pursuing someone’s happiness
is key to your happiness ,
if you truly love them .
those three little words
have absolutely no meaning ,
if the person who says them ,
wants to choose your happiness .

you cant control someone forever ,
there’s a time when theyre going to get fed up ,
and leave you .
then what ?
what will you have then ?
nothing .
nothing but the painful memories you
left for them ,
and now they stuck on rewind
for the rest
of your life .
enjoy someone while you have them ,
because no one
is obliged to stay with forever .
momma ,
when will you learn ?
stop leavin’ bruises all over our physical body ,
my little brother’s soul .
i pray he grows up and doesnt have to put up with the stuff you put me through ,
i still buy you a house on the hills ,
though .
with a view and a house with no worries .
with no nothing either .
pure emptiness ,
the same way you made me and my brother ,
we walk around this house like corpses ,
and a shxt ambience .
no love and nothin’ to show for it ,
damn momma ,
whyd you do us like that ?

man ,
i dont belong in this house
with the closed doors
and the dimmed rooms ,
windows shut tight
where “i love you”s werent ever true .
i crave to wake up
in the arms of my most desired
in the heaven
where love is always prior
to suffering and trials ,
tests that prove absolutely nothing ,
the love is there
in the ambience ,
you can feel it if you breathe ,
the sun is shining ,
i want to leave ,
the hell from which theyve locked me in ,
this “family”
full of obnoxiousness ,
the physical pain and nothingness .
for a place where you should feel safe ,
it feels like every day ,
i wake up with a knife dangling
over my big head .
oh dear life ,
let me wake in that house ,
where they welcome my un-stout
appearance and where fam
is all about ,
pursuing each other’s happiness ,
and effort is what counts .
the windows fully open ,
welcoming a sightly view ,
the sun is shining heavily ,
my baby guides me through ,
the dark thoughts and temptations ,
all i truly wish to do
is escape this house , this madness ,
Great Soul ,
wont you let me through ?